Adult & Pediatric Nebulizers

Nebulizers For Kids and Adults

Sleep is essential for everyone, regardless of age. Respicare DME is proud to provide the necessary equipment for individuals receiving treatment for sleep therapy. One of the critical supplies is a nebulizer designed specifically for children or adults.

What Are Nebulizers?

A nebulizer is equipment that takes liquid medicine and allows it to be inhaled rather than digested. Sending the medicine directly into the lungs can bring rapid relief to patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory infections.

Nebulizers for Kids Vs. Adults

When shopping for nebulizers, you need to be aware that there are different requirements for nebulizers for kids and adults. While they provide the same medical care, nebulizers are made based on the patient’s needs.

With the help of the proper nebulizer, you will get the restful sleep you need to keep up with the adventures of life.


Reduced Noise

When shopping for a nebulizer for kids, remember that quieter is better. Children may be uneasy with or even scared of the noises made by an adult nebulizer.


Lower Dosages

If searching for a pediatric nebulizer, be aware of the need for a lower level of medication used at a lower rate.


Masks are made to fit over the nose and mouth comfortably. Some children may need adult-sized nebulizer masks depending on their age and body proportions.


Battery and External Cord Powered

An adult nebulizer can be powered by a battery or connected to a power source. This makes it convenient to use at home or while traveling.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Any equipment used for sleep therapy needs to be correctly maintained through proper care and cleaning.

Find Your Nebulizer for Kids or Adults at Respicare DME

With a team with years of experience in the sleep therapy industry, Respicare DME provides the highest quality of supplies available for each of our patients. That is why we partner with doctors in order to provide the necessary supplies for your specific treatment.